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18 October 2013

Students' Reflection on Design & Technology - Secondary TWO Express (2013)

Students' Reflection on Design & Technology - Secondary TWO Express (2013)

It had been a tiring 2013 with two graduating O Level classes under my charge on top of a couple of lower secondary classes. I had to give consultation priority for graduating students in most of all my afternoons after 430pm because all classes had extra lessons everyday from 230pm till 430pm. D&T had extra lessons too but once every two weeks for an hour or less is too little.

My Secondary Two and Three classes did not have the luxury to see me for consultations as often as they wished after school hours.  In most of their reflections, quite a number talk about 'little communication', or commented that 'time is too short' and 'wishing to have more time with the teacher'. A few holidays and school programs that fall on official class times added on to the lack of time. My two weeks In-Camp-Training in July added more misery.  However, I was blessed to have eager Secondary Two students who even though did not get to see me as often as they could, most of them managed their work well. They could rely on the posts and tips I uploaded in Facebook or in this blog to complete their work to a good standard.

My Secondary 3 cohort were weaker academically compared to their peers but they picked up real fast - especially in terms of attitude towards quality work. Though they too did not get to see me often after school, they have improved a lot in terms of self-discipline, self-motivation and taking ownership on being responsible for their successes.

The designjournalsos blog becomes a necessity where students can refer to and hopefully gain some momentum on their own whenever I cannot be reached. This will also help keep their coursework up to date and with good standard.

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