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08 June 2012

Reflections for the June 2012 Holiday 2 Weeks D&T x'TRA Sessions + Week 3 & 4 "SUPER-x'TRA"

June 2012 Week 3 and Week 4 "SUPER-x'TRA" D&T Session Attendance Sheet

I used to have more time in June to enjoy more of going out for afternoon coffee with a book. Or coffee and sketching everything from new product designs, or of any stuffs I can see. Look out for cool design stores I can bring my students to visit in the future. To find new hardware places my students could go. Or coffee again to think about D&T, to reflect on the processes, to think about how I can teach it better, to think about how I can help my students to understand and learn better, more fun, more cool, more interesting, more innovative, more satisfying. Or to fiddle on my iPad on new ideas for teaching, new mind-maps on design which I can share with my students when I see them. Explore new softwares or apps which I can use to teach. Explore new websites I can include alongside with the many I already have in my design blog. Or do street or nature photography etc...

Now it's much less...

June holidays are crazy periods. Not crazy about going out for holidays or chilling out in the cafe reading or sketching though. But crazy with students after students for consultations, for specific instructions on every 'hows' you can imagine starting from explaining and demonstrating the most basic processes to the most complex; and demonstrating the most basic drawing techniques to the most complex structures.

Similar to the last three years, this first two weeks of the June holiday was spent with my students from 0800hrs to 1700hrs (with an hour lunch from 1200-1300hrs). More extensive and intensive than all the busiest school term days combined.  Now I am offering to extending the sessions into Week 3 and Week4, which I call the "SUPER x'TRA" because I see there is a need to. But I wonder if my students see the same need.

As a side note, just after you all left the workshop today, Mrs Wong asked me if both of us would take turns to come back during Week 3 and 4 to help those who need. I was so touched. And I thought these students are just so blessed...

If my students had worked more consistently. If my students had come back more regularly in the afternoon to be helped. (I had 8 full weeks of afternoon consultation schedules before June but they were hardly filled up. Even if they were booked, there were most likely, as-if, 'forced' into making a reservation because I made it a requirement for them book at least once every fortnight). If my students had listened to me, read my posts, studied and applied them diligently, there will be lots of questions that could have been resolved, there will be less mistakes they will make. If... 

Hopefully, when we arrive at July and August. There is no need to look back and say on the day of submission 'I could have spent more time. I could have been more diligent. I should have known this and that, I should have taken more initiative to...'.

Students you only have ONE life. One opportunity to do D&T. One opportunity to get the best grade. Make the best of 'NOW'. 

I hope your 2 weeks in June with me and the Instructors (Mr Lim and Mr Ho) were well spent. Do not forget to thank the instructors. Hope you did catch up with what you missed during the school term. We have all worked hard. We have all sacrificed our holidays. I just hope to see that the time and sweat that was spent will bear sweet fruits in the end. 

Week 3 and 4 June Holiday "SUPER x'TRA" sessions will be based on appointments only. I reserve all the rights to accept or reject any appointment. 

Send your request for my presence via email ( 
or message me thought FB at least two days in advance. 

Priority for consultations will be given to the ones who made an appointment with me. 

Remember to sign in and out.

Do you have the same hope and aspiration?

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