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17 February 2011

Reminders on What to Note for "RESEARCH" + the usuals

Research has always been one of the weakest area in many students' works. As do establishing a genuine need or situation and design brief, the idea generation section and especially the product development stage. More about Idea Generation and Development in the coming posts. So watch out for them.

The good news is this area of weakness is not going to stay for long. All we need to have is a structure that helps us do what we want to do.

The above image contains the usuals, i.e. suggestions on how you can move on from Design Considerations & Constraints --> Design Specifications --> to Idea Generation. Within each stage is the ongoing emphasis on Research.

Always keep a look out for opportunities for research. Similar to design opportunities - design opportunities are everywhere - research opportunities are in abundance and they are everywhere in your journal!

The research opportunity is there whenever you make a claim or a statement. Usually students leave that claim or statement at status quo without exploring what goes before (i.e. what led you to that statement) or what it will lead to after making that claim.

You'll need to expand on that claim or statement. You can expand in 3 ways:

1) Identify and record what you already know about that claim or statement.

2) Identify and find what you do not know(yet) and do not have (yet).

3) Finding relationships that is directly or indirectly related to it.
- What is related to it?
- In what ways is it related to it?
- What else is similar to it?
- In what ways is it similar to it?
- Who is involved?
- Who else is involved?
- Who is related to it?
- Who else is related to it?

To record your findings, do it through photographs, images and annotations to your visuals, use charts or any other form of appropriate communication techniques to bridge your point to your readers.

Why Research? Hopefully by now, if you have been listening in my class or read my posts, you should be able to appreciate why (?) research.

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