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08 May 2014

To Make Progress you Need a Focused Mind to Look Out

Keep your eyes open and your mind focused on looking out for things and issues related to your theme and you'll automatically find. It's the same with the subsequence progress of your coursework. If you keep your mind focus and thinks about it often, you will get somewhere naturally. 

Anyways this voucher from Manhattan Fish Market above was found in my mailbox today. I browsed through the pages and liked the 1-for-1 deals. However it's the inner first page that caught my attention more than the rest. 

It's about observation and identifying a critical issue of how many family (or friends) behave in meal outings whose hands could not stay away from their phones. 

What's a gathering for if everyone is so glued to their smartphones. It's a nice piece of solution they have there. A fun way to encourage  family interaction rather than each staring into their smartphones. An entertaining way to keep hands off the devices and start having real family time. To top it off, the value-adding catch comes with an incentive to be rewarded with a SG$5 return dining voucher. But with one simple condition.  The box must remained untouched where all the phones will be kept in throughout the meal. Though it's a strategy to bring customers back again, it has nevertheless tackled an important issue about what family time should have been.

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