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02 February 2018

Decision Matrix

Very likely, by now you will be making a decision on which Design Situation to choose from.

Some suggested criteria / attributes for selecting your best Design Needs and Opportunities (Design Situation) to work on for the next few months. Pay attention to what you have selected for yourself to work on. In the original post I simply suggested using the PMI acronym as criteria. Email me if you have more criterion to add on or comments.

Another point to note: If you have great issues with including weightage in your matrix computation, you have two choices: 1) Go study how you can meaningfully include weightage in your matrix computation and then include it in your decision matrix, or 2) use a Decision Matrix table without weightage. You will still be able to arrive at one Design Situation with the highest score with every criteria just as important as the others.

Here you go. You don't have to agree or use, but here are some suggestions:

Interesting Problem?
(Think: Is it an interesting problem to solve? How interesting is this situation / problem to you?)

Good Problem?
(Think: Is it a good problem to solve? In your opinion what do you think? Maybe a quick survey from your friends to see if they think it is a good problem to solve.)

(Think: Who will benefit from a solution to this problem? Will it be useful or beneficial for most people? How many?)

Realisation Possibility.
(Think: Would I be able to make it? This criterion requires some prediction or imagination of a possible solution to the problem and requires you to think about your current ability, as well as the tools and machineries available in the school workshop to realise this possible solution.

Meet ‘???’ theme?

(Think: How well does the situation / problem identified fit the theme ‘??????)?

04 January 2018

Quote for Thoughts

Identify an authentic design need and opportunity and you'll find yourself asking the right questions

This is as good as having solved the problem

21 December 2017

Reviews from email consultations - to end 2017

Consultation via email is free. However subjected to my availability and not expecting quick responses. I think through queries and reply them during breaks or times where no substantial work can be done. Typically replies between 2-5 working days.

Disclaimer: Email consultations are purely facilitative in nature to help 'stuck' students get 'unstuck' - with enough information or links for clarifications and to help them make better decisions - to move on. Never in the form of answers or solutions. I never suggest a different approach or overwrite student's teacher style or expectations on the way their journals should be produced or provide materials for copying and duplicating, etc. I merely clarify and educated on the topics which they asked which hopefully allows the student to apply they newly found knowledge in their coursework.

These are students who somehow found even one or two online conversations helped and left a note of thanks before they sign off. However there are many who don't. Nevertheless I hoped they are helped.

Due to the fact that I did not seek their consent, only names of schools whom students I managed to help and  extracted 'thank you' comments left at the end of the email sessions are shown. Names of students or parents not shown.


Oh my God,  thank you so much.” Greenview Secondary School - (2017)

Thank you once again for advising me on my journal. Thank you very much for answering my emails! Submission date is tomorrow. Yio Chu Kang Secondary School - (2017)

"Your help had boost his confidence greatly. I need to thank you for the help." St. Andrew Secondary School (2017)

“Thank you very much for all the advice.  The information was very helpful, have show it to my son, I think like what you suggested, he still have to follow the instructions from the school. Bedok North Secondary School (2017)

“Thank you for your help and advice on my journal, it has definately helped me
proceed on with my journal.” Gan Eng Seng Secondary School (2016)

“Ur advice has helped me and im now at the ideation stage!” Bedok South Secondary School (2016)

“Thanks mr daniel ! Helped a lot”. Bedok South Secondary School (2016)

“Thanks for helping on my presentation board.I couldnt have done it without the example of it u  postes it on the site..The teachers gave me some advice before starting on my pb.I manage to complete it on time even though theres not much ive written on it due to my medical Leave and records.” Bedok Town Secondary School (2015)

 “Thanks to you, i was able to come out wth many various ideations and all interlinked to each of the ideations made it as my final product,with developments of course. But thanks to the advice you have given me, i coild actually start my coursework knowing that i was in the right path.thank you so much for the im just looking for the theory paper.” Chong Boon Secondary School (2015)

thank you so much!Queenstown Secondary School (2015)

Thank you so much for your pointers, really appreciate it!" Fajar Secondary School (2015)

And yes that helped!Swiss Cottage Secondary School (2015)

I feel that the methods you use to do research is very useful! Like how the SCAMPER method can help me through my thinking process, it also helps me to think more about the problems and how certain things work. I really like how you can elaborate on idea generation & refinement, it helps me think step by step and how to solve problems bit by bit rather than to spot those "obvious" problems only:) I showed my teacher about your blog, and he said the way you write really helps alot!” School Unknown (2014)


Decision Matrix

Very likely, by now you will be making a decision on which Design Situation to choose from. Some suggested criteria / attributes for se...